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The CARBOTORQ® is a lightweight, maintenance-free elastomer coupling. It minimizes reaction forces and bearing loads while providing torsional elasticity and misalignment capacities with the lowest possible weight. The torsional elastic component is bonded between fiber composite membranes, which provide elasticity and high internal damping properties.

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The Geislinger CARBOTORQ® coupling is torsionally flexible and combines advanced composite material and silicone elastomer. The Geislinger CARBOTORQ® coupling compensates radial, axial, and angular misalignments and has torsional elastic properties. With its low reaction force, the Geislinger CARBOTORQ® significantly reduces the bearing loads and, thus, increases the system service life.

The Geislinger CARBOTORQ® coupling comprises two advanced composite membranes and an elastic silicon element. The integral design provides constant misalignment of values under all circumstances. The coupling tunes the torsional vibration behavior of the drive line, whereas the torsional stiffness of the heat-resistant silicone elastomer element can be adjusted to torsional vibration demands. The composite materials also provide high internal damping for high-frequency vibrations.

The Geislinger CARBOTORQ® Coupling can be connected to all kinds of shafts, flanges, and flywheels. With the plug‐in connection, it is also possible to install the CARBOTORQ® Coupling in places that are hardly accessible. Geislinger products can be combined into a shaftline in applications where weight is a concern. This lightweight shafltine combination often includes a CARBOTORQ®, a Geislinger GESILCO® Shaft, and other couplings in our GESILCO® product range. This provides a very lightweight drive train with extremely high misalignment capabilities.


Minimal weight
Low reaction forces
High-temperature silicone elastomer
Radial installation
Blind assembly design available
Enhanced acoustic insulation
Torque range: up to 10 kNm
Ambient temperature: -45°C to 100°C
Power Generation
Industrial Applications
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