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Mechanical workshop

Injegov own and operate a modern and fully equipped mechanical workshop, situated in Piraeus, Greece. Our facilities’ proximity to busy shipping lanes and the large port of Piraeus enables us to offer high quality and fast workshop support exactly when and where is needed.

Equipped with overhead cranes, heavy-duty machinery, and specialized equipment, including CNC lathes, boring machines, radials, milling, and honing machines combined with the governor and fuel systems departments, our workshops provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution for our partners.

Mechanical workshop in Piraeus

Located in Schisto Industrial Park, our facilities consist of two buildings total of 4500sqm, offering our partners complete mechanical repairs.

The main building, with a total surface of 3500sqm, houses our manufacturing and heavy-duty machine shop, our cleaning and blasting facilities, our machinery and engine overhaul and inspection workshop, as well as our famous fuel injection and governor repair departments. Moreover, the same building hosts administration, management, technical department offices, meeting rooms, and training halls.

Our new building addition, covering 1000sqm, houses our special welding, annealing, and piston crown hard chrome plating workshops. Moreover, our engine parts stock and spacious open areas for short-term storage or large parts handling are also located there.

Workshop capabilities

Our workshop is fully equipped with various heavy-duty and specialized machinery, allowing us to provide a wide variety of repair, recondition, and manufacturing services to our clients.

Heavy-Duty machine shop

Our heavy-duty machine shop can provide general machining, repair, and manufacturing services. Our turning capabilities include more than 15 horizontal lathes, including lathes with a maximum turning diameter of 2.2 meters, 10 meters in length, and 40-ton workpiece weight.

The workshop includes two vertical lathes with a 1.6m turning diameter, two heavy-duty boring machines, 4 CNC lathes, a four-axis CNC machining center, and various milling and grinding machines.

Our heavy-duty workshop allows us to perform one-off machining or manufacturing services. It complements our other departments enabling us to perform complete complex repair and recondition projects in-house.

Engine parts repair | Rectifying shop

Equipped with all machinery necessary to maintain diesel and gas engines, our rectifying shop indisputably is a one-stop solution for our partners.
Our mechanics execute grinding of cylinder covers, honing liners, ultrasonic cleaning, and inspecting critical engine components using dedicated machinery. That includes surface grinders, valves, seat grinders, stationary and portable honing machines, and automated cleaning and blasting equipment.

Specialized personnel operates injector needle grinding, honing, and lapping machines at our fuel injector shop. All injectors can be reconditioned, calibrated, and tested at our injector testing machines. Our testing machine capabilities include slide-type injector and electronic injector repair and calibration.

At our governor repair shop, we have specialized testing, calibration, and cleaning equipment, as well as a coating booth. We operate Woodward, Regulateurs Europa, and Heinzmann test benches, and our capabilities include testing/adjusting electronic and digital governors and actuators.

Welding Shop

Equipped with various automatic welding booms and manipulators, our welding shop is critical for our engine part reconditioning services.

Our welding units,  controlled by PLC programs, feature high flexibility and a lot of automation functions. As a result, we can ensure the maximum capabilities and quality that conventional welding methods offer. Operating more than five welding units with manipulators having a maximum capacity of 6 tons and rollers with a total of more than 20 tons give us the operational flexibility and ability to repair a wide range of parts with reduced delivery times .

The welding methods we apply in our welding shop include:

  • Submerged arc welding
  • MIG
  • TIG

Our welders are IACS certified for various processes and materials, while we offer distinct approved welding procedures depending on the application.

Laser Cladding

Laser cladding is the most advanced welding method, allowing reconditioning of many components with unparalleled quality.

At Injegov, we have significantly invested in our laser cladding capabilities. The operation of two multi-axis robotic stations coupled with high-powered Diode lasers enables us to tackle even the most challenging repair applications. Therefore, large parts or complex geometries are no match for our laser cladding shop. We utilize advanced robot programming software and specially designed cladding heads to access the narrowest locations. Over the years, we have developed innovative recondition procedures using lasers and tested various suitable materials for every application.

Although our laser workshop layout is tuned in for high productivity when required, we can also perform laser cladding on site.

Our laser cladding capabilities include:

  • Two multi-axis robotic stations coupled with a high powered diode laser source
  • Specialized cladding heads for welding simple or complex geometries as well as internal diameters and holes
  • Large stock of different welding materials, among which Inconel, Stainless steel, Stellite and Carbides

For more details on our laser cladding services

Hard chrome plating

Our chrome plating shop specializes in applying hard chrome on piston grooves. By having the capacity for simultaneous chrome-plate up to 9 piston crowns, we offer our clients the benefit of significantly reduced delivery times.

Fully automated chrome plating baths, equipped with sensors, ensure continuous optimal operation conditions. To achieve excellence, we regularly perform chemical analyses of the plating solutions. With often quality control checks, we ensure the high quality of the chrome-plated grooves’ low porosity and microcracking, high hardness, and fast plating time.

We can easily apply more than 0.5mm thickness of hard chrome per side on our piston grooves, meeting the engine maker requirements.

Given that hard chrome plating poses significant environmental, health, and safety challenges, we are committed to responsibly disposing of chemical residues. Correspondingly, modern capacitors with low energy consumption and proper filtration systems to ensure healthy air quality lead us towards higher environmental responsibility.

Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment is crucial for the productivity of a mechanical and repair workshop. Over the years, we have significantly invested in modern and high-capacity cranes and all areas of our workshop are serviced by lifting equipment.

We operate more than 20 overhead cranes ranging from 1 to 20 tones, while we also have 2 two mobile cranes for loading parts on location when required.

As per our strict safety policy, all our cranes and crane operators are certified and tested annually.

Quality control equipment

Measuring and quality control equipment is essential for verifying dimensions and delivering parts and services with high consistency according to required specifications.

In our workshop, we maintain various measuring and calibration tools, including calipers, micrometers, leptoscopes, hardness and roughness testers, pressure, and various other gauges.

All measuring instruments are serviced and calibrated regularly, ensuring proper operation and high accuracy. In addition to measuring tools, we also perform NDT tests for c welding quality by certified operators, including Ultrasonic testing, magnaflux, dye check, and inspections by borescope.


In our workshop, we reserve more than 1000sqm dedicated for storage purposes. There are areas for our raw materials, consumables, spare parts stock, and client parts awaiting dispatch.

Proper storage conditions and parts handling of all material is essential for keeping all parts in perfect condition and having full traceability of all parts held in our stocks.

Therefore we ensure keeping all storage conditions at an optimal level.

Our operating philosophy

At Injegov, we ensure that our operations conform to the strictest quality, health and safety, and environmental sustainability standards as per ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 requirements. Unified into an Integrated Management System, all above policies, under which Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental commitment are monitored and guaranteed every step of our operations.

Correspondingly, we try to bring this ethos to our workshop facilities and operations by taking care of all aspects required. Equipped with a high-capacity firefighting system, compressed air, emergency generators, all areas are ventilated, ensuring good air quality. At the same time, we filtrate all emissions. Moreover, all solid and liquid waste is disposed of in an environmentally neutral way, while on our main building, we have 50kwp of solar panels installed.

Safety procedures are established and reviewed regularly, while insurance covers all facilities and equipment.

We believe that providing a safe and healthy workspace for our employees and clients with minimal environmental impact has direct results on the quality of our services. This notion, combined with our open-door policy and transparency, is the core of our operating philosophy.


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