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Four Stroke Cylinder Heads

At Injegov, we perform Four Stroke Cylinder overhauling and four-stroke Cylinder Reconditioning to hundreds of 4-stroke Cylinder Heads every day. All our locations are equipped with specialized cleaning machines, inspection machines, and grinding machines that allow us to perform cylinder cover overhauling and cylinder cover recondition under the highest standards.

Standard overhauling of cylinder heads includes the following works:

  • Chemical cleaning, dye check, and calibration
  • Renewal of all seats, valve guides, and injector bush
  • Grinding of all seats
  • Grinding of cover in the way of the liner landing surface
  • Coating and pressure testing

In case seat pockets are found corroded, we have two repair options:

a. Machining to an oversize diameter
b. Recondition by laser cladding using anticorrosive alloys and machine to standard dimensions. Covers are heated during the process, and a full metallurgical bond with parent material is achieved.

Laser cladding of seat pockets brings the back to standard diameter while using special alloys it improves the wear resistance of the covers.

Four-stroke cylinder head reconditioning

Advantages of reconditioning piston crowns at Injegov:


A long proven solution delivering a good as new part at a fraction of the cost of the new part.


By reconditioning owner’s spare parts we achieve shorter turnaround times.


We provide detailed reporting for reconditioned parts conforming to the strictest quality standards.


By using service exchange components, you exploit a well-tested and effective way to reduce maintenance downtime.


A long proven solution delivering a good as new part at a fraction of the cost of the new part

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