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Gas Engines

Find custom solutions for the maintenance, commissioning, spare parts, and modernization of your gas engine.

Running Hour Based Overhaul

  • Complete disassembly of all parts from the engine and thorough cleaning
  • Inspection and checking of crankcase and crankshaft
  • Rebuilding the engine with new seals, bearings, liners, pistons, connecting rods, cylinder heads, etc.
  • Renewal of vibration damper
  • Overhaul of oil and water pumps and coolers
  • Fresh coat of paint on the engine block

Shortblock Overhaul

  • Complete disassembly of all parts from the engine and thorough cleaning
  •  Inspection and checking of crankcase and crankshaft
  • Rebuilding of the engine with new seals, bearings, liners, pistons, connecting rods, cylinder heads, etc
  • Overhaul of turbocharger, intercooler, oil pump, oil cooler, jacket water pump, gas mixer, and actuator
  • Renewal of vibration damper
  • Renewal and upgrade of blowby filtration system
  •  Renewal of exhaust manifold
  • A fresh coat of paint on the long block 

Upon request, we may offer maintenance services for the control and ignition system, the alternator, and auxiliary equipment.

Conditioned Based Overhaul

When the annual running hours of an engine are low, or the engine is contracted to supply power for less than its entire lifetime, or budgetary issues exist, owners can follow the condition-based maintenance concept.
Practically, this means that critical parts that should typically be replaced with new ones after the OEM specified running hours are cleaned and examined very carefully to identify whether they can be reused on the engine.


The main focus points are parts with a high replacement cost that can considerably impact the overhaul budget. More specifically, these are:

Condition-based maintenance parts

Cylinder heads

Cylinder heads are cleaned and inspected visually and by non-destructive testing to ensure the absence of cracks at the critical parts of the head. Additionally, cylinder heads are pressure tested, and wear parts (valves, seats, etc.) are replaced with new ones.


After a thorough cleaning, piston ring grooves are measured, and critical points are tested by magnetic particle inspection for cracks. Pistons that meet the criteria for reuse are fitted with new piston rings and reassembled on the engine.

Connecting Rods

Connecting rods are the most heavily loaded part of the engine, and the criteria for reuse are rigorous. Each connecting rod is measured at more than 48 points to establish its wear pattern and detect excessive ovality. The MPI test is performed on the serrations, and connecting rod is placed on a special gauge bench to detect any deformation. Connecting rods that pass all tests are fitted with new small end bearings and a fresh set of bolts and refitted on the engine.



Intercoolers are critical for the efficient performance and safe operation of a gas engine. Intercoolers are ultrasonically cleaned, pressure tested and inspected for any leaking or blocked tubes.


To a lesser extent, the same concept may apply to less critical parts such as actuators, starters, etc.

The extent that a conditioned-based overhaul may be applied depends on several factors, including brand and type of engine, operational profile, type of gas, operating load, etc.

Due to our experience, we can support your decision-making and save significantly!

We are so confident in our services that we may provide warrantee on single refurbished components depending on condition.


In cooperation with our technology partners, we can offer our customers cutting edge upgrade packages that can help our customers achieve the following :

  • Lower cost of operation and maintenance

  • Increased uptime and reliability

  • Increased thermal/ electrical output

  • Full accessibility to the engine control system

Our upgrade solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Upgraded ignition system to improve performance and slash costs
  • Upgraded cylinder heads for increased efficiency and reliability
  • Upgraded pistons to eliminate premature failure issues
  • Intercoolers with upgraded materials to address corrosion issues by aggressive gases
  • Upgraded crankcase ventilation (blowby) filter offering an extended lifetime and 99,9% oil separation rate
No two engines are the same, and no “fit for all” solution exists. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and based on the profile of your plant and the challenges you face, and we will design and suggest the upgrade package you need.

Remote support

While scheduled maintenance intervals are easy to predict and budget, unexpected technical challenges requiring competent technicians’ attendance may significantly and unpredictably increase your maintenance costs. At the same time, while the engine is down until help arrives, even more, significant is the loss of revenue and production, which can account for several thousands of euros per day.

It is essential to know that downtime is usually caused by minor, easy solve issues or events. Those could have been predicted and avoided by taking the necessary action right on time should an experienced partner have had a daily look at the parameters of your engine.

By implementing a remote monitoring system by our experienced partners, you are experiencing a plethora of advantages:

  • Significant reduction of the maintenance period.
  • Fixed costs, budgeting made easy.
  • Immediate availability of parts inspected and tested thoroughly.
  • Participation in the circular economy by giving old parts a new life!
  • Reduction of risk and uncertainty for the duration of an overhaul.
  • Reduced costs from the minimum need of expert staff onboard / on-site.

Let the experts offer you a cost-effective engine maintenance procedure with zero hassle. 

Plan -just in time- attendance of technician when necessary

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