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Diesel engine services

Diesel engine services for propulsion & auxiliary, two-stroke or four-stroke engine and powerplant Genset. Injegov offers professional maintenance solutions.

Our expertise ranges from propulsion and auxiliary diesel engines to sophisticated dual fuel and gas engines for onboard and shore-based applications. 
Additionaly, we can accommodate all your diesel engine services needs, including routine unit overhauling, fuel systems, turbochargers, automation, governor, and controls.

Our diesel engine services history

Since the early days of 1976, diesel engine services and maintenance have been at the center of the INJEGOV SA services portfolio. Moreover, highly trained and experienced engineers are available 24/7 to give swift and cost-effective solutions to any situation, thus reducing downtime time and cost.

Our mechanical workshop is a one-stop solution for all engine room needs, saving you time and hassle.
Whether you are close to our base and our two modern service facilities in Piraeus and Istanbul or anywhere globally, our people will be onboard at minimum notice to assist you.

Two-stroke diesel engine overhauling service

Two-stroke engines are commonly placed on vessels as prime movers and land on power generation applications. Among Injegov’s diesel engine services, we have been providing two-stroke maintenance services for more than four decades. Correspondingly, we have developed efficient procedures and our know-how for the benefit of vessel managers and power plant operators.
Our two-stroke engineers and specialist technicians can perform routine maintenance during Drydock or emergency repairs.

Our overhauling teams can perform the following diesel engine operations:

  • Engine units overhaul, including cylinder cover, exhaust valve, piston, and liner
  • Bearings overhauling and inspection
  • Fuel pumps, valve actuators, and roller guides overhauling and timing for MAN & SULZER engines
  • Camshaft overhauling and camshaft segments replacement
  • VIT pistons and reversing cylinders overhauling
  • In situ liner honing and engine block surface grinding
  • Overhauling and calibration of lubricators
  • Main air starting, shut-off valves, and air distributor overhauling

Especially for the MAN B&W ME series, we provide the following diesel engine services:

  • Overhauling of fuel booster pumps
  • Overhauling of hcu and hps accumulators
  • Proportional valves replacement

As a result, our diesel engine services teams, complemented by our workshops, spare part reconditioning services, fuel system departments, and extensive spare parts stock, make us a one-stop solution for your two-stroke engine maintenance needs.

Four-Stroke diesel engine overhauling service

Four-stroke medium-speed diesel engine services are very popular as a prime mover and power generation for marine and land-based applications. In particular, every year, our technicians and engineers perform hundreds of repair and maintenance projects on four-stroke engines, from routine maintenance to crankshaft and engine block replacement.

We perform engine overhauling projects on a case-by-case basis and as part of a comprehensive engine maintenance program.


Our engineers can provide diesel engine services for the maintenance of medium-speed four-stroke engines:


  • Overhauling of cylinder covers including valves, rocker arms, and in situ grinding of seats with unique Chris marine tool
  • Overhauling of pistons and inspection of connecting rods
  • Renewal of main bearings
  • Crankshaft inspection and overhauling
  • Camshaft overhauling
  • Fuel pumps and rollers overhauling and timing
  • Engine block replacement
  • Liner honing

To minimize machinery downtime, cost of onboard overhauling and avoiding uncertainties, and low quality of onboard or emergency repairs, Injegov has developed the four-stroke engine parts on exchange concept.
For this reason, for most common diesel generating engine types, we maintain complete cylinder covers, pistons with connecting rods, liners, and fuel pumps in our stock which can be provided on an exchange basis. All parts in our inventory are fitted with new consumables, inspected and tested by our workshop team, and ready for all diesel engine services.


On-exchange engine sets are available for the following engines:


  • MAN B&W L23/30H
  • MAN B&W L28/32H
  • YANMAR N21
  • YANMAR N18

Crankshaft Renewal

The crankshaft is the most critical part of the engine and suffers the heaviest loads during operation. Hence, replacing a damaged crankshaft is always a complex operation that may affect the vessel’s schedule, mainly when the main engine’s crankshaft is damaged.

At Injegov, we undertake dozens of crankshaft overhauling projects every year. Whether marine or power generation applications at the port and en voyage, crankshaft renewal is a part of our diesel engine services for over 45 years. We have vast experience in preparation requirements and overhaul—inspection procedures, assembly, alignment, re-choking, and engine testing after repairs. By keeping a substantial stock of crankshafts and understanding all the complexities of a crankshaft renewal project, we can assist owners with diesel engine services from start to finish:

  • procurement of a new crankshaft
  • transportation
  • inspection
  • overhauling
  • accessory and electrical works
  • final assembly
  • alignment
  • testing

Because we understand minimizing asset downtime is critical, we ensure fast delivery times and trouble-free arrangements. Whether in need of a big crankshaft for the main engine, power plant engine, or a small auxiliary generator, we provide customized solutions.

For more information on crankshafts currently in our stock.

Workshop Repairs for diesel engine parts

At INJEGOV, we offer workshop diesel engine services providing overhauling and reconditioning of diesel engine parts, governors, and fuel systems components. Either minor or major parts with long delivery times can be manufactured swiftly and cost-effectively. Not only under the maker’s specifications and the supervision of the vessel’s classification society, our diesel engine services stand out.

We can restore worn parts to an “as new” condition through proven reconditioning procedures. Our experienced engineers use the most advanced in-house techniques, including automated machines, annealing ovens, and chrome plating facilities.

Consequently, Injegov workshops are fully equipped to cover engine workshop repair requirements, from routine inspection, refurbishment, cleaning, and coating to rectifying or reconditioning parts.

For more information on our workshop facilities & reconditioning services.

In-Situ Repairs - Riding Teams for diesel engine services

INJEGOV S.A has had a continuous presence in the local and international engine & machinery repair market for more than 45 years. Thus, we maintain a sizeable pool of skilled and experienced technicians and engineers. We can undertake worldwide voyage repairs for vessels or any site, such as plant or industrial installation.

From overhauling a generator to a compressor or other auxiliary machinery inspection or in situ machining, our teams, assisted by a strong back-office team, can get the job done efficiently and provide diesel engine services with guaranteed results.

Features of our voyage repair diesel engine services include:


  • Experienced certified technicians are available 24/7 worldwide.
  • All are holders of Schengen / U.S. Visa.
  • Availability of honing and grinding on-site with specialized Chris-marine equipment.
  • BOSIET certified technicians.
  • All types of machinery and diesel engine services.
  • Assistance to all ports and shipyards from our Piraeus workshops.

Diesel engine fuel systems

INJEGOV has extensive experience in fuel equipment repairs. In fact, we have a state-of-art fuel systems department with special equipment and benches for:

  • diagnosis
  • repair
  • testing
  • original drawings from major manufacturers
  • complete list of spare parts

Our highly skilled staff is constantly training to keep up with the latest fuel injection equipment technology developments. Overall, our clientele consists of shipping companies and power plant operators who trust us to maintain their fuel systems equipment.

For more information about or diesel engine services for fuel system maintenance.


Since 1976, INJEGOV has been actively involved in the marine automation sector, speed governors, and pneumatic and hydraulic systems projects. Today, with a tremendous amount of experience gained and strategic partnerships with key players in the industry, we can offer complete, turn-key diesel engine services solutions for all your marine engine-generator automation needs.
For this reason, INJEGOV has agency agreements with Bosch, HEINZMANN GmbH, Regulateurs Europa, and Zexel.

We can offer a full range of services and solutions, including:

  • Maintenance and Repair Services.
  • Governor Sales on an exchange or direct sale basis.
  • Control and Monitoring Systems Engine Protection Systems, including Oil Mist Detector systems.
  • Spare parts Supply.
  • Governor motors supply.
  • Speed governor retrofits.

For more information on our governor services

Diesel engine spare parts

We have accumulated vast experience in procurement and supplying spare parts for two and four-stroke diesel engines through the years as part of our diesel engine services. With our local and international contacts, we can get you the correct part in a short time and at a low cost. Forthwith, we can supply OEM and aftermarket parts of high quality according to customer requirements. All parts come with IMO numbers and class certificates where applicable.

At the same time, we maintain a vast stock of second-hand reconditioned spare parts in a warehouse area covering more than 1000sqm. All of our secondhand parts are reconditioned and inspected by our technical team and present a cost-effective alternative compared to the supply of a new part.

Our stock includes certified crankshafts, engine blocks, cylinder covers, exhaust valves, seats, connecting rods, pistons, piston rods and piston crowns, water jackets, injection parts, piston rings, etc., bearings, consumables, and even complete engines.

Although we are an independent supplier having the advantage of flexibility, we also co-operate as authorized agents and distributors for famous manufacturers of diesel engine components such as:

Our range of supplies covers the following diesel engine manufacturers:

  • MAN B&W
  • Wartsila
  • Deutz
  • Sulzer
  • Mitsubishi
  • Pielstick
  • Himsen
  • Yanmar
  • Daihatsu
  • MAK
  • Jenbacher
  • Waukesha
  • Cummins


Stuck Fuel Rack, Starting Air Valve leakage, Fuel Valve malfunction, Starting air leakage, Malfunctioning of Installed Gauges, Faulty Alarms, Sensors?

You are in need of our diesel engine services!

As an interconnected system, various factors influence the smooth operation of an engine. Despite the effort, time, and resources used for main engines to run continuously, it is often inevitable for a breakdown to occur.

At Injegov, we have the capacity and know-how to trace the root of the breakdown and develop the most appropriate solution.

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