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GALI Authorized Distributor and Workshop

Injegov SA, as an authorized Gali sales partner and workshop facility, can supply you with a wide range of components for both Diesel and Gas engines. Our company can provide Gali Air Starters and Hydraulic Starters and their Spare Parts with the required specifications and large stock availability.

The GALI air starters are intended for use on internal combustion engines and gas turbines. For their size and weight, these starters are extremely powerful and additionally feature high torque, high speed, low air consumption, and reduced maintenance.
Gali develops leading products, all of them based on the application of compressed air. As a European manufacturer, Gali produces high-quality Air and Hydraulic Starters used to start internal combustion engines. Moreover, Gali manufactures components such as shutoff valves and complete pneumatic and hydraulic starting stations and compressor sets.

Components for diesel & gas engines

  • Air Starter
  • Hydraulic Starter
  • Air shutoff Valves 
  • Engine Turning Mechanism 
  • Turning Gears
  • Compressors

Gali components can be used on

Reciprocating Engines
Gas Turbines

Gali spare parts

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