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Posidonia 2024

3-7 June, Athens Greece


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For over 45 years now, we provide advanced mechanical services through implementing custom solutions for our marine, oil & gas, and offshore partners.


Injegov as a leading spare parts supplier cooperates only with the best. We are the sales partner and authorized distributor of world-class diesel and gas engine parts manufacturers.
We focus on quality, offering to our customers’ competitive commercial terms with minimum lead times, and take the risk out of the spare parts supply procedure.


Our Team

Injegov consists of a highly dynamic and specialized team that accumulates each person’s strength and expertise to create reliable and cost-effective, customized solutions for each of our customers.

Laser Cladding

As an advanced solution with unbeatable advantages, laser cladding enhances your machinery component characteristics and prolongs their service life. Explore our laser cladding recondition capabilities for maintaining engine components.


Our products and services stand out.
That is why we put together this library of case studies, brochures, and insights.

Case studies

Case studies

Case Studies

In-depth analysis of various projects we overtook over the years.

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Downloadable material of our services and products.
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Get experts' information regarding mechanical engineering solutions.
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Learn the latest Injegov News, including information on our company’s latest investments, innovations and corporate social responsibility acts.

Apr 23 2024

A Cyprus Technical High School’s Visit to INJEGOV Mechanical Workshop

A group of technical high school students from Cyprus visited our mechanical workshop in Piraeus. The visit was...
Apr 22 2024

BOSCH visit at INJEGOV mechanical workshop in Greece

It is with great pleasure that we announce the visit of our BOSCH partners to renew our contract agreement as a BOSCH...
Apr 05 2024

ISO Certification renewal for our workshop in Tuzla

We are pleased to announce that our workshop in Tuzla, Turkey, has earned a three-year ISO certificate for conformance...
Apr 02 2024

7 truths about independently sourced spare parts and service

Why is working with independently sourced spare and services beneficial? Read the following article written by EMISA...
Mar 12 2024

INJEGOV at Mediterranean Yacht Show

INJEGOV SA will exhibit at the 9th Mediterranean Yacht Show, organized by the Greek Yachting Association at Nafplion,...
Feb 14 2024

YANMAR NZ61 governor

YANMAR, a leading name in engine technology, provides governors specifically designed for large engines, ensuring...
Vibration dampers INSIGHT feature image
Jan 31 2024

Vibration dampers

The periodic combustion cycles of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines create torque fluctuations that cause torsional...
Geislinger NEWS Feature Image
Jan 25 2024

GEISLINGER partnership announcement

INJEGOV SA is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with GEISLINGER GmbH
Jan 25 2024

GEISLINGER Training timeline

Training Expedition: Discovering Engineering Excellence with GEISLINGER. Join us as we walk you through the highlights...
We are 5K on LinkedIn
Jan 24 2024

We are 5K on LinkedIn

We’re overjoyed to share a significant achievement – our LinkedIn community has surpassed the remarkable...
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