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For over 45 years now, we provide advanced mechanical services through implementing custom solutions for our marine, oil & gas, and offshore partners.


Injegov as a leading spare parts supplier cooperates only with the best. We are the sales partner and authorized distributor of world-class diesel and gas engine parts manufacturers.
We focus on quality, offering to our customers’ competitive commercial terms with minimum lead times, and take the risk out of the spare parts supply procedure.

Our Team

Injegov consists of a highly dynamic and specialized team that accumulates each person’s strength and expertise to create reliable and cost-effective, customized solutions for each of our customers.

Laser Cladding

As an advanced solution with unbeatable advantages, laser cladding enhances your machinery component characteristics and prolongs their service life. Explore our laser cladding recondition capabilities for maintaining engine components.


Our products and services stand out.
That is why we put together this library of case studies, brochures, and insights.

Case studies

Case studies

Case Studies

In-depth analysis of various projects we overtook over the years.

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Downloadable material of our services and products.
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Get experts' information regarding mechanical engineering solutions.
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Learn the latest Injegov News, including information on our company’s latest investments, innovations and corporate social responsibility acts.

Oct 03 2023

Company lunch with our workshop team

INJEGOV hosted a memorable company lunch to express gratitude and strengthen bonds with our dedicated team.
Sep 18 2023

DG 2800.14 Electro-hydraulic governor

An excellent solution to retrofit the Woodward UG25+ governor in order to reduce lifetime cost by more than 50%
repairs of alternator or electric motor rotor journals by laser cladding
Sep 13 2023

Alternator rotor repair with laser cladding

Explore how laser cladding is revolutionizing the industry and extending the lifespan of alternator rotors.
Aug 31 2023

Protected: HEINZMANN MEGASOL Gas admission Valve

Excellent load response, precise dosage, and individual gas quantity adjustment for each cylinder.
Jul 27 2023

Windlass Reconditioning

A tanker operator recently called us in Greece to investigate and report the condition of forward mooring...
Jul 07 2023

Wärtsilä 18V32 genset major overhaul

INJEGOV has just concluded a contract with a power utility for the major overhaul of four Wartsila 18V32...
INJEGOV SA at MOTORTECH Distributors meeting in Celle
Jul 07 2023

MOTORTECH Distributors meeting

We are delighted to announce our participation in the MOTORTECH GMBh Distributor Meeting in June 2023, hosted in...
Jun 05 2023

EMISA General Assembly Meeting

Unlocking the Power of Collaboration: Highlights from the EMISA General Assembly Meeting 12-13 May 2023 in...
Feature Image RETROTUESDAY back to 2010
May 02 2023

#RetroTuesday metal stitching training

Today, we’re reflecting on a significant metal stitching training course that took place in 2010....
Apr 18 2023

Learn from Industrialist: A Visit to INJEGOV Mechanical Workshop

A group of enthusiastic marine technical school students visited our mechanical workshop in Piraeus. The visit was...