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Auxiliary & Deck Machinery 

Searching for a one-stop solution provider to maintain your engine room, deck, power plant, and general industrial use equipment?

“At Injegov, we have a long experience maintaining and repairing various machinery equipment installed both onboard and ashore.” 

Our qualified engineers and technicians are always available to board the vessel or attend at any location to perform inspection, repairs, and testing of your critical equipment. 

Our fully equipped mechanical workshop complements overhaul services. Heavy-duty lathes and boring mills, CNC machines, blasting and coating facilities allow us to perform all necessary machining and reconditioning works. 

Our skilled personnel coupled with our machinery and equipment enable us to offer comprehensive maintenance services to the following equipment:  

  • Windlass and mooring winches
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Cargo, Ballast, and various types of pumps
  • Compressors
  • P/V and Safety Valves
  • Coolers and Heat Exchangers

All equipment outgoes inspection, service, and various tests upon completion for proper operation. 

In addition to maintenance services, we also manufacture new parts at our workshops, such as bushes, shafts, liners, and others. At the same time, we also supply spares from our network of trusted suppliers. 

Windlass- Mooring Winches

Windlasses and mooring winches are extremely critical equipment that directly affects the safety and operation of the vessel and its crew. Winches are subject to heavy loads during operation, which, together with corrosion and sometimes improper operation, may lead to wear, damages, and even accidents.

The above is why we perform complete windlass and mooring winch maintenance services, including:

  • Jack up test and reporting
  • Overhauling of brakes, renewal of bands, and maintenance of brake mechanism
  • Complete overhauling and inspection of windlass onboard and at the workshop, including drums, shafts, and couplings
  • Repair of windlass shafts, alignment control, rebuilding of bearing journals by laser cladding or SAW, machining and fabrication of new shafts
  • We fabricate bushes of normal type or split type. Additionally, we keep G5, G7, and G12 bronze in stock to supply the appropriate material for the bushes.
  • Hydraulic motor overhauling and spare parts supply
  • Compete for windlass assembly re chocking and alignment
  • Gypsy wheel repairs, including welding and machining
  • Windlass drums repairs by rebuilding in the way of brake landing surfaces and boring of bush housings.
  • Repair of couplings and clutches
  • Blasting and coating of all parts
  • Operating test and reporting

At Injegov, we have experience in windlasses and winches of all makes, including Rolls Royce, Hatlapa, Aker Pusnes, MacGregor, and others.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are used in various applications. We find them on hatch covers, different cranes, including lifeboat and cargo handling, lifting jacks, and even steering gear.
Hydraulic cylinders during operation may suffer from decreased pressure due to oil leakages. Wear of the seals, corrosion and impact may damage the chrome-plated piston rod running surface and lead to failure.

At Injegov, we perform the following services on Hydraulic cylinders:


  • Complete overhauling on board and at the workshop, inspection, and pressure test
  • Supply of seals, O-rings, spherical bearings, high-pressure hoses, and spares
  • Fabrication of piston crowns, nuts, and rods.
  • Recondition the piston rod by chrome plating or laser cladding, giving a new life to the piston rod with improved characteristics compared to chrome plating.
  • Fabrication of pins
  • Boring of pin housing brackets in situ

Pumps are critical equipment for the operation and safety both on ships and land-based industrial facilities. Pumps can be used to pump ballast water, specialized cargo like diesel or heavy fuel, lubricating oil for engines and various equipment, firefighting, and various other applications.

Depending on the application, pumps used are centrifugal single or multistage, screw type, piston, vacuum, geared, and many others
Pumps during their operation may suffer from corrosion and mechanical wear on their main comps such as shafts, impellers, bushes, mechanical seals, gears, and housings.
Our technical team, combined with our workshop facilities, can provide complete service solutions for all pump types.

Our pump repair services include:

  • Overhauling, inspection, and testing of pumps on-site and at the workshop
  • Fabrication of mouth rings, bushes, and shafts on our modern machine shop.
  • Recondition of impellers with stainless steel, Inconel, or other appropriate special coatings by laser cladding
  • Recondition of pump casings by machining, installation of sleeves, and boring in situ and at the workshop
  • Special Coating of pump components by laser cladding
  • Supply of mechanical seals and bearings
  • Alignment

As a one-stop-shop for your pump maintenance requirements, we also undertake the primary pump mover and components such as diesel engines, steam turbines, and COPT governors.


Compressors can be found in many applications onboard vessels, powerplants, oil refineries, and various other industries. Depending on the application, different compressor types include rotary compressors, reciprocating compressors, axial compressors, screw compressors, and centrifugal compressors.
Compressors are critical for the supply of compressed air, starting air on various energy and marine applications, refrigeration applications, and ammonia and gas on oil refineries and chemical plants.

Injegov, with decades of experience in compressor maintenance, can provide the following compressor maintenance services:

  • Overhauling, inspection, and service of all types of compressors on-site and at the workshop
  • Reciprocating compressor parts supply /fabrication
  • Recondition of compressor components by laser cladding
  • Powerplant compressor maintenance packages
  • Maintenance on oil compressors for marine and oil and gas applications
  • Compressor Maintenace packages during oil refinery shut down maintenance periods
Safety Valves & PV Valves

Safety and pressure vacuum valves are critical for the safety and operation of boilers, tanks, and pipe networks onboard vessels, power plants, chemical plants, and oil refineries. Continuous testing and proper maintenance ensure correct operation, safety, and compliance with local and international regulations and standards.

At Injegov, we have broad experience in the repairs of safety and P/V valves. We operate mobile test benches to check and calibrate safety and pressure vacuum valves, and we have high expertise in total plant maintenance projects.

By utilizing our workshop machinery, skilled technicians, and testing equipment, we can perform the following services:

  • Overhauling of safety or PV valve
  • Testing and calibration
  • Re-certification
  • Recondition flanges
  • Recondition of disc and seat
  • Supply of seals

At Injegov, we have significant experience in preparing and executing complete safety valve preventive maintenance plans covering from routing inspection and re-calibration to recondition works and parts supply for the entire plant.

Of course, we do not only repair or PV valves, but we can also cover all required valve maintenance, including Butterly valves, sea chests, steam valves, and many more.

Contact us for our total valve maintenance packages if you are a ship manager, power plant, or oil refinery operator.

Coolers & Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers can be found onboard vessels at power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, and various industrial facilities where heating or cooling applications are necessary.

According to their application, there can be air coolers, oil coolers, water coolers, condensers, evaporators, refrigeration coolers, and many more.

According to their construction, there can be tube-type coolers and plate-type.

Typical damages occurred to coolers  heat exchangers can be:

  • Blocking of cooler tubes from water minerals
  • Heavy corrosion on tubes or plates causing leakages
  • Corrosion on cooler covers due to vibration and water

At Injegov, we offer the following maintenance services for Tube type coolers:

  • Overhauling of coolers
  • Chemical – Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Inspection of tubes and covers
  • Pressure testing and tapping of tubes
  • Re-tubing of cooler
  • Epoxy coating of covers
  • Renewal of gaskets, anodes, and seals
  • Complete cooler pressure test


For plate type coolers:


  • Overhauling of cooler plates
  • Chemical – ultrasonic cleaning
  • Uv inspection of cooler plates
  • Supply and assembly with new gaskets and sealing paste
  • Pressure testing


Using our workshop machinery like lathes, boring and milling machines, we can also repair or complete fabrication coolers and cooler covers, faceplates, studs, and various fittings.

Advantages of reconditioning Parts

Workshop Facilities in Piraeus, Greece & Tuzla, Turkey

Injegov operates two specialized reconditioning workshop facilities in two of the busiest shipping and ship repair hubs in the Mediterranean, Piraeus Greece, and Tuzla Turkey. Our workshop near Bosporus and the existence of our Piraeus workshop gives the client the advantage and the option to receive or land spares at the most convenient location With our local resources we can support our customers with logistics and customs in case required to make sending and receiving parts a trouble-free operation >> link to locations

State-of-the-art equipment

Our workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including robotic laser cladding cells, mechanized welding units, CNC machining centers, grinders, annealing furnaces, shot blasting and chemical cleaning machines, and quality control and measuring equipment >> link to facilities

Guaranteed Product Quality

 All our reconditioning procedures are well proven to enable us to offer a specific product guarantee for our reconditioned parts.

Professional Reconditioning (expertise)

Our personnel’s long experience, continuous training, and strict quality control procedures ensure that our parts will have reliable performance and a long-running hour [>>link to quality].

Spare Parts Tracking

Our ERP system provides full traceability to the customers. Detailed reports, tracing numbers and our workshop open door policy give owners the opportunity to track their parts and monitor their performance.

Large Stock of Engine Parts

Our extensive stock of 2 strokes diesel engine parts and 4 stroke diesel engine parts give us the capability to immediately cover all spare part supply requirements. Having a large stock of reconditioned parts ready to use combined with our state-of-art facilities, equipment and personnel gives us flexibility and ensures fast delivery time, all to the benefit of our customers, shipowners, and plant managers >> link to stock

Part Classification Certifications

All our services are approved by major classification societies like LR Certification and ABS Certification

[>> link to certificates]

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