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QIN PISTON RINGS Authorized Distributor

INJEGOV SA as an authorized QIN distributor, can provide four stroke and two stroke piston rings from 160mm to 980mm cylinder bores. With 50 years of experience manufacturing piston rings, QIN piston rings can be found in the main engines of the world’s leading shipowners of fast vessels such as ferries, as well as in the auxiliary engines of some of the largest container vessels on the planet. QIN piston rings are designed to operate with all fuels under the most stringent environmental conditions.

Piston Rings


Within a piston ring set, the first rings are often referred to as compression rings. They are designed to seal combustion gases and ensure no drop in pressure and associated drop in engine efficiency. Moreover, the top ring which works the hardest will normally be of the highest specification. Beneath them can be found the oil scraper and control rings which prevent oil from reaching the combustion chamber and, as the name suggests, regulate the amount of lubrication in the cylinder wall.

To sum up, QIN supplies a set of rings comprising compression ring(s), oil scraper rings, and oil control rings. However, on request, we can supply rings individually.

Fire bands

 or anti-polishing rings

Fire bands, or anti-polishing rings, are rings inserted in the upper end of the cylinder liner in order to minimize carbon deposits building up on the higher area of the piston surface above the top compression ring.

Repair bushes or sleeves are needed when reconditioning cylinder liners’ outer surface.

QIN can manufacture all such rings in line with customer requirements


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