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Spare parts reconditioning

Give your engine’s spares a new life.

“Reconditioned parts are given a new life at a fraction of the cost compared to new ones. Moreover, Spare Part Reconditioning is a sustainable & environmentally friendly solution.”

Injegov offers comprehensive engine part reconditioning as well as various machinery components reconditioning. Reconditioning for the maintenance of engine components, when done professionally, is a very cost-effective and sustainable alternative to purchasing a new part.

By restoring an engine part back to its original specifications, we offer a part in ‘as new’ condition at a fraction of the cost making reconditioning a much more economical solution. Besides being very economical, parts reconditioning is also a very eco-friendly solution, as it is a process that conserves resources and consumes less energy.

By reconditioning machinery components we proudly contribute to the circular economy concept, providing concerned owners and managers an environmentally responsible and sustainable addition to their engine spare parts supply chain.

Why choosing to recondition


A long proven solution delivering a good as new part at a fraction of the cost of the new part.


By reconditioning owner’s spare parts we achieve shorter turnaround times.


We provide detailed reporting for reconditioned parts conforming to the strictest quality standards.


By using service exchange components, you exploit a well-tested and effective way to reduce maintenance downtime.


A long proven solution delivering a good as new part at a fraction of the cost of the new part

Spare Parts we typically recondition

2 Stroke cylinder cover

Piston Crowns

Exhaust valves and seats

Piston Rods

Piston Skirts

4 stroke cylinder heads

Connecting rods

Plungers & barrels

Hydraulic cylinders

Stern tube bearings

Tail shafts

4 Stroke Pistons

Advantages of refurbishing / reconditioning Spare Parts

Workshop Facilities in Piraeus, Greece.

Our Piraeus workshop gives the client the advantage and the option to receive or land spares at the most convenient location. With our local resources we can support our customers with logistics and customs in case required to make sending and receiving parts a trouble-free operation.

State-of-the-art equipment

Our workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including robotic laser cladding cells, mechanized welding units, CNC machining centers, grinders, annealing furnaces, shot blasting and chemical cleaning machines, and quality control and measuring equipment.

Guaranteed Product Quality

 All our reconditioning procedures are well proven to enable us to offer a specific product guarantee for our reconditioned parts.

Professional Reconditioning (expertise)

Our personnel’s long experience, continuous training, and strict quality control procedures ensure that our parts will have reliable performance and a long-running hour.

Spare Parts Tracking

Our ERP system provides full traceability to the customers. Detailed reports, tracing numbers and our workshop open door policy give owners the opportunity to track their parts and monitor their performance.

Large Stock of Engine Parts

Our extensive stock of 2 strokes diesel engine parts and 4 stroke diesel engine parts give us the capability to immediately cover all spare part supply requirements. Having a large stock of reconditioned parts ready to use combined with our state-of-art facilities, equipment and personnel gives us flexibility and ensures fast delivery time, all to the benefit of our customers, shipowners, and plant managers.

Part Classification Certifications

All our services are approved by major classification societies like LR Certification and ABS Certification

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