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PowerUp Spare Parts Authorized Distributor

Injegov SA, as an authorized PowerUp gas engine spare parts distributor, can provide you with its entire catalog of spare parts.

PowerUP offers gas engine components exclusively developed and designed to improve the lifetime of spare parts and the overall engine performance. Power Up manufactures products of high quality and long operating life, resulting in lower costs per running hour.

PowerUp components

  • Cylinder heads
  • Short blocks
  • Spark Plugs
  • Steel-pistons
  • Blowby-Filters
  • Exhaust gas line
  • Pre-combustion systems
  • Maintenance Parts

Product range

Series 3

EVE3 efficiency upgrade – Spark plug series 3 – Piston series 3 – Maintenance parts

Series 4

Piston series 4 – Spark plugs series 4 – Maintenance parts – Blowby-Filters

Series 6

Cylinder heads for E & F versions – Spark plug series 6 – Pre combustion system – Steel-piston series 6 – Blowby-Filters – Exhaust gas line – Maintenance parts


Spark plug MWM for 2016 – Overhaul packages for 2016 – Maintenance parts for 2016 & 2020 – Blowby-Filters


EDI – engine control system

Power Up Products

PowerUp offers a strong portfolio of high-tech products that aim to solve the challenges of our customers with gas engine applications. 

All the products for daily operation, such as filters and gaskets, and parts for minor and major overhauls, such as bearings, starters, liners, valves, and actuators, are selected and specified for the highest quality.
The goal of PowerUp is not to be a cheaper alternative but a better choice by providing the most flexible spare parts by continuously investing in cutting-edge technology.

PowerUp Gas Engine Parts

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