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Drydock & Afloat Repairs

Are you searching for a trusted partner to thoroughly inspect, identify and rectify potential problems during the critical drydocking period?

The drydock period is perhaps the most stressful time for technical managers and owners. A successful drydock ensures the vessel’s future smooth operation, prevents unforeseen breakdowns, and provides peace of mind to the owners. 

As such, drydock preparation and execution is a complex exercise that involves budgeting, choosing the right shipyard and contractors, smooth coordination of all involved parties, careful planning, and a vigilant eye during the execution of all drydock works.

Services we offer 

Serving the marine sector for over 40 years, we understand the owner’s concerns and are here to provide a wide range of services. 
These include tail shaft works, CPP propeller, bow thruster repairs, sea valve maintenance, and stern tube reconditioning. Additionally, various machining works for critical equipment such as hubs, rudder stocks, and chrome liners. 


Drydock is a critical period for vessel owners & managers. They need to thoroughly inspect, identify potential problems, and rectify them in the best and most competitive way possible in a brief period. 

In Injegov, we fully understand the owner’s concerns and deliver high-quality services with fast lead times. Our complete propulsion system experienced and skilled technicians, workshop machinery, and portable equipment make us a preferred partner for owners’ drydock and afloat repair needs. 

By utilizing local berths and docks in Piraeus or Istanbul and with trusted subcontractors for blasting, piping, steel, and electrical works, Injegov can undertake any repair project. 
We can arrange berthing – docking in Piraeus/Perama Greece and Tuzla or Yalova areas at safe repair berths with crane, compressed air, and shore power availability.  

By using our well-established contacts and trusted partners, we can arrange berthing for vessels of any size.  

Condition & Pre-purchase Surveys

Our engineers can perform vessel condition and pre-purchase surveys or act as owner representatives for the complete special survey or intermediate survey period. 
Our deep knowledge of the local ship repair market, high technical expertise, detailed reporting, and close cooperation with regional classification society offices are among the advantages we offer to owners when taking over their planned or emergency repairs supervision. 
From planning and supervision to specialized mechanical and machine shop repairs, INJEGOV S.A. can cover all your Dry-dock and afloat repair needs.  

Drydock supervision & Surveys

Having the correct information, insights, and a smooth special survey execution requires the right people on site.
At Injegov, we take pride in our strong marine sector background and the long-standing successful partnerships we have forged with our clients. We understand their needs and concerns, and this is why they repeatedly trust us to be their eyes and executive arms onboard.

Our skilled and experienced superintendents can offer the following services: 

  • Drydock planning and supervision
  • Vessel condition and pre-purchase surveys
  • Act as owner’s representatives during repairs performed by 3rd parties
  • Special survey specification drafting
  • Onboard inspection and reporting

Our key advantages are: 

  • Years of experience and technical expertise
  • Deep knowledge of the local ship repair market in Greece and Turkey areas
  • Detailed and accurate reporting
  • Workshop and back-office support from our local workshops
  • Close contact with local classification society offices
Tailshaft - Propeller Works

The shafting system is crucial for the correct and safe operation of the vessel. Therefore careful inspection and maintenance on all shaft system parts are essential during the limited dry-docking period.

The shaft system consists mainly of the tails haft with the propeller hub and blades, the stern tube bearings, the chrome liners, the intermediate shaft and bearing, and many auxiliary components.

At Injegov, by utilizing our extensive workshop, on-site machining capacity, and the skills of our specialist technicians, we offer the following services: 

  • Tailshaft withdrawal and inspection
  • The propeller hub and blade overhaul
  • Stern tube white metal casting and machining
  • Chrome liner machining and new fabrication
  • Chrome liner repair by laser cladding
  • Jack up test
  • On-site machining for propeller blades and in line boring of bearing housings
  • Heavy-duty boring and machining works
  • Shaft fabrication from certified materialsABS approved our workshop for tail shaft and rudder stock repairs by laser cladding.  
CPP Systems Overhauling

CCP systems (Controllable Pitch Propellers) are systems in which the blades are bolted to the boss. A hydraulic system can alter its pitch, allowing the vessel to adjust load and speed depending on the operational requirements faster response and efficiency.
One can find these systems in passenger and specialized vessels. Although they bring considerable advantages, they are also more complicated than fixed propeller systems and have higher maintenance requirements.

At Injegov, we can offer the following services for your CPP systems: 

  • Cpp Hub overhauling and inspection
  • Hydraulic systems and hydraulic cylinders overhauling and repairs
  • Blades overhauling
  • Coupling overhauling and inspection
  • Machining of Hub and blades
  • Recondition of HUB components
  • Repairs on damaged propeller blades
Bow & Stern Truster Overhauling

Thrusters are systems consisting of propellers, gearboxes, and electric or hydraulic motors located at the bow or stern of a vessel, allowing higher ship maneuverability during berthing operations. 
Thrusters are usually found in container carriers or special vessels and minimize the need for tug assistance, thus saving money for vessel owners. 
Our extensive experience in maintaining bow and stern thrusters of all makes, including KAWASAKI, Rolls Royce, Bergen, and others.

We can offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and repairs services, including :  

  • Overhauling and repairs on thruster blades
  • Renewal of blade and main shaft seals
  • Bearing clearances checking and recording
  • Complete overhauling of thruster casing at the workshop, including hub assembly, yoke, and blade carriers
  • Renewal of shaft bearings and adjusting of clearances
  • Recondition of blades, hub, and yoke
  • Laser cladding of shafts
  • Boring and fitting of bushes on thruster casing
  • Modification of eco oil use

    Our specialist engineers, combined with our workshop facilities, heavy-duty machine shop, and laser cladding equipment, allow us to perform even the most demanding thruster repair projects successfully.   

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