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BOSCH visit at INJEGOV mechanical workshop in Greece

by | Apr 22, 2024 | NEWS

It is with great pleasure that we announce the visit of our BOSCH partners to renew our contract agreement as a BOSCH Authorized Distributor Center.
Our Managing director post regarding GEISLINGER GmbH and INJEGOV SA partnership

On April 9th, 2024, two representatives of BOSCH GmbH, Djordje Blagojevic (Key Account Manager) and Dejan Milinkovic (Customer Supply Chain Services Parts OES & CFH EU) visited INJEGOV SA headquarters in the Industrial Park of Schisto, Perama Greece. During their visit to our premises, they had the chance to take a tour of our recently renovated facilities and witness the numerous investments INJEGOV SA made during the past year. Additionally, they had the chance to meet with INJEGOV’s Sales Manager, Angelos Laskaridis, to discuss the next steps in our strategic partnership.

The main agenda of the visit was to renew the partnership agreement between the two companies.

INJEGOV SA is pleased to announce the renewal of our strategic partnership agreement with BOSCH GmbH. This signing, which took place during the team’s visit, renews the strong relationship between BOSCH and INJEGOV and provided a more strategic focus on the off-highway market, especially in Europe.

Speaking about the renewal of the partnership, Alexandros Kalampokas, INJEGOV’s Managing Director, stated:

We are extremely pleased to renew our partnership agreement with BOSCH GmbH, a company with whom we have a shared vision to provide industry-leading products and services to the fast-evolving spare parts market. As two companies committed to innovation and creating customer-focused solutions, we are excited about the many advantages this partnership offers to our customers. Additionally, as a Bosch Authorized Distributor Center, we can provide you with the entire range of spare parts for both conventional and high-pressure common rail injection control systems.

Alexandros Kalampokas

Managing Director , INJEGOV SA

BOSCH Off-Highway

authorized large engine spare parts distributor

Bosch diesel technology sets high performance and efficiency standards. Bosch’s innovative injection systems increase engine performance and reduce emissions and consumption. Injegov SA as an authorized Bosch large engine spare parts distributor can provide you with its entire catalog of spare parts.

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