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Windlass Reconditioning

by | Jul 27, 2023 | CASE STUDY

A tanker operator recently called us in Greece to investigate and report the condition of forward mooring winch/windlass assemblies on an LR tanker.

A tanker operator recently called us in Greece to investigate and report the condition of forward mooring winch/windlass assemblies on an LR tanker. After inspection and the jack-up test was performed onboard, it was determined that windlasses should be completely overhauled and transferred to the workshop for repairs due to high clearances between bushes and the shaft.

The critical aspect of this project was the time, as the vessel needed to depart in 8 days. For this, we took advantage of our high workshop capacity and pieces of machinery that give us the ability to machine, weld and fabricate multiple parts simultaneously and managed to perform the following works within the very tight time schedule set:

Newly fabricated bushes

Newly fabricated bushes

List of works done:
  • Complete dismantling of 2 pcs forward mooring winch/windlass assemblies
  • Transportation to our workshop
  • Complete overhauling of all parts, including drums, brakes, gears, shafts, and bushes
  • Machining and rebuilding by welding of 4 pcs shafts in the way of all the damaged journals
  • Fabrication of more than 20pcs of bushes, including split type ones in our CNC machines from G12 bronze material that we keep in our stock
  • Boring of drum bush housings and rebuilding of drums in the way of corroded brake band landing surfaces
  • Renewal of brake bands and repair of brake mechanisms
  • Supply of new roller bearing
  • Straightening of 1 pc bended shaft

Upon completion of works, both windlasses were assembled, transported onboard, installed, re-aligned with foundations, and operation and brake holding test were successfully carried out.

This case is an example of why workshop capacity matters for the timely delivery of parts and a good example of why the crew should regularly grease windlass and inspect bush conditions and clearances. Regular maintenance and inspections can prevent extended damages with all associated costs and time delays.

Windlass shaft reconditioning

Despite damages in various parts, we repaired the following:

At Injegov, we have experience in windlasses of all makes, including Rolls Royce, Hatlapa, Aker Pusnes, MacGregor, and others.

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