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Why choose an independent supplier

by | Jul 27, 2022 | INSIGHT

Surpassing supply restrictions, monopoly, and common misconceptions
Contrary to what many ship owners believe, there is no immediate need to refer exclusively to the original makers for spare parts and services. Independent suppliers and manufacturers are considered an excellent alternative for ship owners.
Buying spare parts from OEM (Original Engine Manufacturers) is a safe option. Still, alternative spare parts manufacturers and suppliers can offer lower prices and have high technical standards and qualifications.

Benefits of independent suppliers

  • Competitive prices of spare parts and services 
  • Top quality and technical expertise 
  • Advanced solutions 
  • Range of services 
  • All-in-one solutions 
  • Worldwide service 
  • Client-focused care

Who is considered “independent”?

We define as independent a company that is not partially or wholly owned by a major engine manufacturer and is not under an exclusivity agreement, making it impossible to cooperate with other businesses. Nevertheless, even if a company is related to a major engine manufacturer (e.g., distribution agreement), it is still considered independent because of the differentiation between manufacturers and suppliers. Injegov SA is a manufacturer of spare parts with qualified engineers and personnel and workshop facilities and a supplier of spare parts offering distribution and supply. In addition, we offer repairs, spare parts, reconditioned parts, and technical services.

To conclude, for businesses that rely on spare parts and services, choosing to cooperate with an independent company is advantageous. Combining Injegov’s top-quality spare parts with our wide variety of services in maintenance and repairs into complete solutions can bring considerable benefits to your machinery lifecycle and, thus, to your company.


Injegov as a leading spare parts supplier cooperates only with the best. We are the sales partner and authorized distributor of world-class diesel and gas engine parts manufacturers.
We focus on quality, offering to our customers’ competitive commercial terms with minimum lead times, and take the risk out of the spare parts supply procedure.