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Yanmar 6EY18(A)LW complete engine generator

Yanmar 6EY18(A)LW complete engine generator in new condition, including engine and alternator, with only 400 hours of operation.

Type: 4cycle diesel engine
No.of Cylinder: 6
Cylinder Bore: 180mm
Stroke: 280mm
Rated Engine Speed: 900 rpm
Mean Effective Pressure: 1.28 – 2.50MPa
Mean Piston Speed: 9.3m/s
Built: 11/2018

Generator data:
Model: FE647B-8
Output: 937 KVA
Frequency: 60HZ
Volts: 450 V

Our engineers have checked and verified the diesel generator, and it is now available in our Pireaus marine spare stock.

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