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The Woodward PSG governor, available in work ratings of 10.8 and 21.7 inch-pounds, is a pressure-compensated governor for controlling the speed of small diesel, gas, and gasoline engines or small steam or industrial gas turbines. Immediately available from our spare parts stock. 

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The Woodward PSG (Pressure, Speed, and Governor) governor is a control system extensively utilized across various industrial sectors. Particularly in power generation and mechanical drives. It actively regulates the speed and output of engines or turbines. Explicitly by managing fuel input or other controlling parameters.

Additionally, it actively monitors and adjusts key parameters such as pressure, speed, and load to maintain the desired operating conditions. Granted that it senses changes in these variables, the PSG governor actively makes real-time adjustments. Thus, to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the machinery it controls.

Woodward, the manufacturer of the PSG governor, is renowned for producing control systems and components for the aerospace, energy, and industrial markets. Their governors actively find wide application in scenarios where precise control of speed and output is imperative for safe and efficient operation.

In marine applications, the Woodward PSG governor is crucial in ensuring ship propulsion systems’ reliable and efficient operation. By actively controlling the speed and output of marine engines, the PSG governor helps maintain optimal performance. That, while navigating various sea conditions. Its ability to adjust to changes in load and other environmental factors enables ships to achieve consistent speeds and fuel efficiency. All the above are essential for long voyages. Additionally, the PSG governor’s robust design and durability make it well-suited for the harsh marine environment, where reliability is paramount. Many marine vessels rely on Woodward PSG governors to ensure smooth sailing and efficient power delivery, demonstrating their effectiveness in maritime operations.

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