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GESILCO® Shaftline

The GESILCO® shaftlines are made of advanced composite material and are characterized by their one-piece manufacturing with an integrated fiber flange connection. The GESILCO® shafts can easily be adapted to your requirements. Complete shaftline packages with bearings, bulkhead seals, and GESILCO® composite misalignment couplings are possible. Outstanding shock capabilities underline the use of Geislinger shafts for vessels running at high speeds.

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The GESILCO® Shaftline is a complete system comprising advanced composite material drive shafts and accessory parts specifically designed for lightweight drivelines. The lower density of GESILCO® composite shafts results in higher critical speeds than conventional steel shaft solutions, allowing for twice the spacing between support bearings. Drive systems benefit from low, almost linear reaction forces and the highest torque transmission with the best dynamic behavior. The material, design, size, function, and fiber orientation of our GESILCO® products can be adapted to the specific requirements of various applications, which allow for tailor-made solutions.


More than 25 years of experience
The most lightweight solution on the market
Low reaction forces
Customized solutions based on customer requirements
100% in-house engineering, development, and production
Easy installation
Electrically insulating
Almost non-magnetic
Torque range: 1 kNm – 700 kNm
Ambient temperature: -45°C to 100°C
Diameters: 80 mm – 1.200 mm
Length: up to 12 m
Power Generation
Wind Power & Renewables
Industrial Applications
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