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Geislinger SAE-Coupling

The Geislinger SAE-Coupling is based on a modular concept. Its enlarged oil volume and renowned fatigue-resistant steel springs lead to a long service life. Resistant to heat and oil, the ATEX-certified Geislinger SAE-Coupling is the perfect solution for installations in harsh environments and tight installation spaces with low air ventilation.

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The compact Geislinger SAE-Coupling is a torsional elastic steel spring coupling with hydrodynamic damping properties. The technology behind the extraordinarily reliable Geislinger steel spring coupling has proven reliable for over 60 years. Due to its robustness and low maintenance costs, the Geislinger SAE-Coupling is the first choice for various applications. The standard SAE connection interface allows various engine applications without additional design modifications.


Optimized acoustic attenuation with maximized transmission loss
High misalignment capacity
The most lightweight solution on the market
Low reaction forces
Customized solutions based on customer requirements
More than 25 years of experience
100% in-house engineering, development and production
Electrically insulating
Almost non-magnetic
Torque range: up to 300 kNm
Ambient temperature: -45°C to 100°C
Angular misalignments: up to 5°
Wind Power & Renewables
Industrial applications
Digital Solutions

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