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The COMPOWIND® Coupling is based on an innovative concept of fatigue-resistant and maintenance-free fiber composite membranes. Installed between the rotor hub and the gearbox, the low-speed shaft (LSS) coupling protects the gearbox and the whole drivetrain by significantly reducing non-torque loads. The coupling allows the gearbox to be mounted rigidly onto the main frame without using elastomer-hydraulic torque supports. As a result, bending modes and dynamic effects are virtually eliminated. The reliability of the drivetrain increases noticeably, resulting in reduced operational costs.

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The low-speed shaft (LSS) coupling is made from advanced fiber composites, which enable the gearbox to be mounted rigidly onto the main frame. The COMPOWIND® Coupling facilitates highly integrated next-generation drivetrain architectures. Thanks to its low and almost linear restoring forces, the composite membranes effectively absorb virtually all occurring non-torque loads.


Low restoring forces
No aging, no wear, resistant to heat, frost, and saltwater
Weight-saving design
Good acoustic properties
Electric insulation (optional)
A Geislinger monitoring system (GMS) is available
Torque & Misalignment: Customized to your requirements
Torque range: up to 10 MNm
Diameters: Up to 3.5 m
Ambient temperature: -45°C to 100°C
Wind Power
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