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Sourcing and Overhauling a MAN B&W 7L32/40 generator engine

by | Dec 27, 2022 | CASE STUDY

Handling the project from start to finish, INJEGOV's real competitive advantage

Α very reputable container vessel operator suffered severe damage on one of the MAN BNW 7L32/40 generator engine. The severity of the failure was so that it was more economical to replace the engine with a second-hand one rather than to have it repaired.
For this reason, the company urgently required a new crankshaft, block, and other engine components.

As a company with great resources and experience in all aspects of the vessel’s technical operations and with various supplier sources, we managed to source the engine immediately and acquired it locally on behalf of our client. We negotiated with the seller, procured, and arranged the customs clearance. After that, we arranged the 50 tones generator engine transport from the dealer to our mechanical workshop in Turkey, which can handle large engine parts.

We dismantled, inspected, cleaned, and repaired all components at our well-equipped facilities and gave a complete report on their condition. After reconditioning all parts, in cooperation with Loyd’s, we re-certified the crankshaft and block and packed them to transfer on board.
The real achievement of the project is that we managed to cover our partner’s needs 360, handling the project from start to finish—a real competitive advantage when considering all the hustle our client was liberated from.