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On-site boring, a time saving solution

Having invested in advanced machinery, Injegov can perform line boring on site, reducing the costs of a traditional repair and extremely time-saving, leading to reduced downtime.

by | Mar 9, 2022

MAN B&W 70MC-C repairs:

MAN B&W 70MC-C Cylinder Cover
MAN B&W 70MC-C Exhaust Valve Spindle
MAN B&W 70MC-C Piston
MAN B&W 70MC-C Piston Crown
MAN B&W 70MC-C Cylinder Liner
MAN B&W 70MC-C Fuel Pumps

When equipment is impossible to be moved or maintenance time and downtime need to be short,
on-site boring is the best solution

Why choose on-site boring? 

Having invested in advanced machinery, Injegov can perform line boring on site which not only reduces the costs of a traditional repair but is also extremely time-saving leading to reduced downtime.

On-site boring can be applied to the Marine, Oil & Gas, Hydropower and Windpower industries.

Scope of work

Line Boring applications range in size and requirements and may include line boring of:


  • engine crankshaft bearing pockets
  • engine camshaft bearing pockets
  • stern tube housings
  • intermediate and tailshaft reamer bolt holes
  • engine block liner corroded housings boring for installing new sleeves
  • Gas & Steam Turbine casings

With Injegov’s extensive range of portable equipment and ready to mobilize technicians team, we offer our partners accurate on-site machining solutions

Note that Injegov’s versatile line boring machines’ adjustable length can accommodate up to 3 meters long boring applications!

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