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MAN B&W L23/30H

by | Mar 20, 2023 | CASE STUDY

Handling a MAN L23/30h generator engine project from A-Z: repair, overhaul, and engine parts supply
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MAN B&W L23/30H generator engine damage

INJEGOV Turkey received an emergency call to evaluate major damage on a MAN B&W L23/30H on a product tanker in Istanbul anchorage. Our marine experts in the Turkish facility immediately supplied a boarding team of one Senior supervisor and three technicians for onboard inspection.

Inspection of MAN B&W L23/30H on board

Upon inspecting the damage, the INJEGOV riding team determined that generator type MAN B&W 23/30h suffered connecting rod and piston seizure leading to the engine block and crankshaft being beyond repair. We dismantled the engine and transferred the parts to our local mechanical workshop for further measurements and inspection.


Despite heavy damage in various engine parts, INJEGOV advised that some components could be repaired, leading to the following works:

MAN  B&W L23/30H list of works:
  • Assembly of cylinder covers on the engine
  • Measuring of piston grooves/rings clearances and assembly of pistons/connecting rods on engine
  • Cleaning of cylinder liners in situ
  • Inspection and calibration of Pistons
  • Dismantling-disassembly of air cooler from the engine as required for crankshaft installation. Fabrication of gaskets and reassembly. 
  • Disconnection of the crankshaft from the alternator lifting engine block, removal of crankshaft from the engine, and fitting of the crankshaft—deflection measurement. 
  • Crankshaft inspection with class surveyor attendance ( Placement-center of the crankshaft onto the crankshaft grinding machine, Deflection & radial run-out checks, Main journals & crankpins measurements, Material hardness test of all pins, Magnetic particle testing)
  • Reassembly with vessel spare parts and fitting on the engine. Remove the disconnection of the cooling pump from the engine. Complete disassembly cleaning, inspect all parts, and report spare parts and machine shop work required. 
  • Main bearing pockets inspection. Cleaning and assembly of bearing caps. Measuring of pockets bore and report.  Disassembly of bearing caps
  • Turbocharger overhauling 
  • Governor overhauling and calibration 
  • Engine block reassembly and operational testing
MAN B&W 23/30H solutions

After consultation with the owners, we determined that a complete engine supply was the most advantageous solution.

Thus, our procurement department supplied a new engine directly from our spare parts stock in Piraeus. With the new MAN B&W L23/30H engine, INJEGOV supplied all consumable parts required for the overhaul, including bearings, piston rings, gaskets, and o-rings.

With the collaboration of both our workshops for quotation specification, the new MAN B&W L23/30h engine was completely dismantled, overhauled, and inspected. Our team packed all parts in Piraeus, Greece, ready to be transferred into the vessel. Our workshop team took every care to ensure the project was handled timely and efficient.

Furthermore, INJEGOV assisted with the logistics, including floating crane hire, tracks, and customs clearance. INJEGOV plans to send a riding team to install and assemble the engine on board the vessel, commission it, and deliver it to the owner. 

MAN B&W L23/30H repair

Our ability to handle project A-Z enabled our partner to have a timely solution with minimum hustle on the vessel’s operation team, thereby making INJEGOV the best solution.

MAN B&W S70MC-C Piston crown

MAN B&W S60MC-C Piston crown. Piston crown for main engine immediately available from our spare parts stock.

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