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by | Mar 24, 2023 | CASE STUDY

MAN B&W 70MC-C overhaul and engine parts reconditioning, including cylinder covers, exhaust valve spindle & seats, fuel pumps, pistons, piston crowns, and cylinder liner.
MAN B&W 70MC-C case study

MAN B&W 70MC-C repairs:

MAN B&W 70MC-C Cylinder Cover
MAN B&W 70MC-C Exhaust Valve Spindle
MAN B&W 70MC-C Piston
MAN B&W 70MC-C Piston Crown
MAN B&W 70MC-C Cylinder Liner
MAN B&W 70MC-C Fuel Pumps
MAN B&W 70MC-C engine overhaul

Earlier this year, our Tuzla, Turkey team performed a major overhaul and repair project on a Suezmax tanker vessel fitted with a type MAN B&W S70MC-C main engine. We performed a complete overhaul of all cylinders, including liners, fuel pumps, and roller guides. All parts were transported to our local workshop, and various reconditioning works were performed within 18 days. This project is a perfect example of how having competent riding teams and local mechanical workshop capabilities can save owners time and money, as all issues can be dealt with locally without dealing with logistics or complicated procurement actions.

MAN B&W 70MC-C Cylinder Cover
  • Checking of fundamental dimensions of the MAN B&W 70MC-C cylinder cover and dismantling of all attached to the cover studs and bolts
  • Placement of cover on the vertical lathe and pre-machining of cover in the way of the seat landing area and o-ring grooves
  • Placement of cover on automatic welding positioner and welding of the seat landing area and o-ring grooves
  • Machining of MAN B&W 70MC-C cylinder cover to standard dimensions on CNC vertical lathe
  • Cleaning of all bolt and stud threads, unclogging of cooling channels, lapping of landing areas
  • Pressure testing and painting/coating
MAN B&W 70MC-C Piston 
  • Dismantling of the piston together with the rod, removal to the workshop, disassembling of the piston crown, piston skirt, and piston rod, cleaning, calibration, dye penetration checking, hydraulic pressure testing, cleaning and calibration of the liner, reassembling, fitting back with new piston rings
  • Placement of piston rod on lathe and machining in the way of piston crown landing surface for removal of wear groove
  • Dismantling of stuffing boxes, removal to the workshop, cleaning, calibration, renewal of rings with spares, fitting back
MAN B&W 70MC-C Fuel Pumps
  • Dismantling of single-type high-pressure FO pumps, removal to the workshop, overhauling, cleaning, calibration, checking of plunger and delivery valves, including suction & puncture valves, renewal of worn-out parts with spares, fitting back, setting of fuel pumps according to the timing table
  • Dismantling of M/E H.P. Fuel oil pumps shock absorbers, removal to the workshop, overhauling and replacing o-rings and seal rings with spares.
  • Dismantling of roller guides, removal to the workshop, overhauling and replacement of spares
  • Fabrication of fuel pump roller guide pin by special hardened material, grinding, and installation
MAN B&W 70MC-C Cylinder Liner & Cooling Jacket

Dismantling of liner cooling jackets, cleaning of cooling channels, dye penetration checking, renewal of o-rings, and fitting back

This particular project underscores our commitment to delivering reliable and efficient services to our esteemed clients. At INJEGOV we take pride on delivering comprehensive solutions for the overhaul and reconditioning of diesel engines. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and manned by experienced technicians, we remain dedicated to providing the most superior quality solutions for your engine maintenance requirements.

MAN B&W S70MC-C Piston crown

MAN B&W S60MC-C Piston crown. Piston crown for main engine immediately available from our spare parts stock.

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