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Gas engine spark plugs

by | Nov 30, 2022 | INSIGHT

From common spark plugs and X-shape spark plugs to prechamber spark plugs, INJEGOV can supply any spark plugs for any industrial gas engine.

What is a Spark Plug?

The spark plug is a key component of the engine’s ignition system. Its purpose is to use the high voltage of the ignition coil and create a spark to initiate the combustion of the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

Spark Plug construction

When the high voltage produced by the ignition system is applied between the spark plug’s center electrode and ground electrode, the insulation between the electrodes breaks down, current flows in the discharge phenomenon, and an electrical spark is generated.

Spark Plug maintenance 

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Engine spark plugs can be of closed or open type (J-type). For the closed type, there is little to do. Except for monitoring the high voltage demand, they are maintenance-free. The J-type plugs must be removed from the engine at regular intervals specified by their maker and adjust their gap between the center and ground electrode. Motortech provides excellent tools for cleaning and tools for adjusting J-type plugs.

Spark Plug lifetime

Spark plug manufacturers can only give an indication of an expected lifetime. This depends on the type and quality of gas, the engine load, BMEP, etc. Thereupon, the actual lifetime of a certain type of spark plug on a certain engine plant can only be determined after a trial.

MOTORTECH gas engine spark plugs with high-efficiency offer all kinds of spark plugs with special electrode materials or even completely new firing end designs.

POWERUP offers gas engine spark plugs exclusively developed and designed to improve the lifetime of spare parts and the overall engine performance.