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by | Jul 13, 2022 | INSIGHT

Low-Pressure Pneumatic Starter for diesel and gas internal combustion engines 

The new model A27LP air starter is intended to start diesel or gas engines of an approximate power range of 220-1100 kW (300-1475 HP), although its suitability depends on the engine displacement and the ratio between the engine’s ring gear and starter’s pinion.

The A27LP model is a pre-engaged type starter with start overrunning safety integrated and lubrication-free. This new model provides the well know advantages of Gali starters due to its reliability in the harshest environments and its high starting torque.

The A27LP is one of the most versatile starters we have, covering a range of engines to work that goes from the 15L to the 70L capacity. With a maximum torque of 188Nm, can cover many applications.

The A27LP type is designed to work at low air pressure installations maintaining the traditional Gali’s rotors technology. They are ideal for new installations and easily retrofit existing ones with problematic vane and turbine starters.

The A27LP starters are available for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation and are successfully used in Generating Sets, Motor-Pump Sets, Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Engines, Industrial Engines, Locomotives, Forklift Truck Engines, Bulldozers, Off shore-Sea Platforms, Nuclear & Power Plants, and Mines.

The A27 LP starters keep the very well-known rotors technology from Gali. This technology ensures very easy maintenance and a very long starter life.

Its pre-engaged starter assures the perfect care of the engine flywheel rim gear, thus avoiding breaking any teeth with the resulting expensive repairs.

Air Starting Systems 

Different air storage pressure depend on the sector or the application

Gali A27 LP advantages

This new air starter model for gas and diesel combustion engines provides the well-known advantages of Gali starters due to its reliability in the harshest environments and its high starting torque.

GALI A27LP System Installation 

GALI A27LP engine compatibility

Some engines to work with the Gali A27LP starter


QSK 15 – QSK 23 – QST 30 – QSK 50 – NT 55 – KTA19 – VTA28 – KTA 38 – KTA50


C15 – C18 – C27 -C32 – 3406 -3408 3508 – 3512 – 3516 – 4306 – 4308 


S6B – S6B3 – S6A3 – S12A2 – S6R –  S6R2 –  S6RF – S12R


3008, 3012, 3406 – 3412, 3500 – 3516, 4006, 4008, 4012, 4016


DI9 – DI13 – DI16


MTU 2000 series – MTU 4000 until 16V


 DK 20 – 5DC17




6M26 – 12M26 – 12M33

Volvo Penta

D9 – D13 – D16 – TAD 16XX

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