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a new modern ship repair and spare part reconditioning workshop

INJEGOV Tuzla workshop is located in the heart of Tuzla ship repair zone, covering an area of 1300 sqm


INJEGOV has established in 2012 a new modern ship repair and spare part reconditioning workshop in Tuzla area Turkey inside at the heart of the busiest ship repair area in the Mediterranean and in close proximity to the Bosporus passage linking the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.


INJEGOV Tuzla workshop is located in the heart of Tuzla ship repair zone, covering an area of 1300 sqm and is equipped with all modern machinery necessary not only for engine part reconditioning but also for covering any need for engine maintenance and general or specialized ship repairs.

Our equipment and facilities include the following:

  • Heavy Duty Laser Cladding robotic system
  • CNC controlled vertical lathe with max diameter of 1,7 meters
  • Heavy duty Boring Machine
  • Various horizontal lathes with max work piece length of 11meters and diameter of 2 meters.
  • Automatic SAW/MIG welding Units
  • Automatic MG/TIG welding Unit
  • Modern Chrome Plating Unit and grinders
  • Overhead 20T, 10T and 5T cranes
  • Annealing oven
  • Various Radial and milling machines


    By using laser cladding and SAW automated machines, CNC machining, hard chrome plating and dedicated groove grinding machines, we recondition using proven procedures any type of pistons or piston crowns. Whether for 2stroke or 4stroke, small or large bore, steel, cast iron or aluminum we can recondition piston grooves to original dimensions and optionally coat with special alloys the piston combustion surface for high durability with guaranteed results


    Due to the harsh operating conditions, reconditioning of valve spindles and seats is a very critical and demanding process. At our workshop we follow strict reconditioning procedures and utilize advanced welding techniques such as laser cladding and mechanized MIG and high quality special alloys such as Stellite-6, Stellite-21, Nimonic and Inconell. Stems are chrome plated while in our workshop we have the machinery required to recondition Dura-spindle type valves with seat hardness above 450HB


    Our workshop is fully equipped with cleaning baths, boring machines, heavy duty lathes and mechanized welding machines and positioners enabling us to repair and recondition any type of cylinder cover both for 2stroke and 4stroke engines. Besides large 2 stroke cylinder covers our laser cladding machine allows us to restore to original dimensions of all cast iron covers for 4stroke engines.


    We can restore piston rods to original dimensions and surface properties using advanced laser cladding and SAW welding processes and accurate grinders. Our process is far superior to traditional chrome plating and ensures high durability, metallurgical bond and porous free surface. Our piston rods achieve hardness above 450HB.Additionally we recondition connecting rods by grinding of connecting rod housing and machining of serrations.


    Our dedicated boarding team of trained technicians backed up by our workshop facilities perform hundreds of engine overhaul projects per year ranging from fuel pumps, or pistons overhaul to complete stripping and crankshaft renewal. We have vast experience both on 2stroke and 4stroke engines including MANB&W MC& MC-C series and Sulzer RTA and RT-FLEX types. From our Tuzla workshop we service all Turkish ports


    Due to our workshop capacity and specialized machinery we can perform all kinds of deck machinery repairs and fabrications, including windlass, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, steam turbines, various shafts, rotors and compressors. Services include both onboard attendance and overhauling, reconditioning and rebuilding of components at workshop.

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