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EMISA General Assembly Meeting

by | Jun 5, 2023 | NEWS

Unlocking the Power of Collaboration: Highlights from the EMISA General Assembly Meeting 12-13 May 2023 in Franciacorta, Italy.

As a non-profit-making business association, EMISA represents the interests of independent manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers operating in the marine engine and related equipment markets.

EMISA aims to support its goals by lobbying with organizations involved in the IMO, the EU, and other related national bodies and ministries. Additionally, EMISA provides advice and information on legal matters to prevent or protect its members from falling victim to aggressive anti-competitive actions that larger corporations within the industry may undertake. EMISA also serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences and staying updated on the latest developments in the field. Its independent member companies are known for their value, reliability, and service and fully embrace EMISA’s Code of Ethics.

The Alliance – our message

EMISA protects the existence of independent companies as an integral part of the aftermarkets for various industrial machines. The existence of independent operators also means more choices for customers and ensures their freedom to choose who they work with without becoming forced to work with a single provider.

Working with independent operators means:

  • good quality
  • knowledge and expertise in certain equipment models or even specific parts
  • minimizing waste through reconditioning and remanufacturing
  • giving equipment a second life

We create an Alliance of organizations representing independent operators’ interests. As an Alliance, we plan to approach the European Union with a proposal to establish rules ensuring independent operators can continue doing business in a digital world.

INJEGOV SA, as a proud EMISA Member since 2016, shares the alliance’s core values and aims and works together towards the common goal of free and fair competition.

Right to Repair Alliance

EMISA has been working on creating an Alliance of organizations representing independent companies dealing with industrial machinery with a long lifespan in a business-to-business context. The reason is the increasing difficulties of independent companies in accessing the equipment they are to service or repair, mainly due to the digitalization of marine equipment. The issue is also present in other industries, making the Alliance a cooperative effort from maritime, agriculture, power generation, aviation, and other sectors.

Professor Massimo Figari Presentation:

Steps Towards the Decarbonisation of Shipping

Professor Massimo Figari – Head of the Marine Engineering Programme at the University of Genoa and Guest Speaker at the current EMISA event, took the stage to discuss the decarbonization of shipping, future fuels, and future propulsion technology.

Key Insights

In this report, Professor Massimo Figari discusses the crucial steps to decarbonize the shipping industry and mitigate climate change. The report emphasizes the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the sector and highlights the challenges faced in decarbonization. It provides an overview of current and future regulations, the importance of adopting alternative fuels and propulsion systems, and the role of technology and innovation. International collaboration, improving energy efficiency, and exploring market-based mechanisms are critical strategies for success. The report concludes by summarizing the recommendations for achieving decarbonization in the shipping industry.

OMC2 Diesel Factory Tour

During the EMISA 2023 General Assembly, participants had the opportunity to embark on a guided tour of the OMC2 Diesel factory. Located in Italy, OMC2 Diesel is a renowned company specializing in producing components for diesel engines. The guided tour offered a unique insight into the state-of-the-art facilities and advanced manufacturing processes. Visitors had the privilege to witness firsthand the expertise and precision that goes into crafting their high-quality fuel injection systems. Participants gained a deeper understanding of the company’s commitment to excellence, from the meticulously designed production lines to the skilled technicians overseeing every production stage.

Vineyard Tour

On the second day, EMISA members had the chance to learn the art of wine tasting in the enchanting region of Franciacorta, Italy. Known for its exquisite sparkling wines, the winery we visited offered EMISA members a unique and memorable wine-tasting experience. One of the must-visit vineyards is Barone Pizzini, where we embarked on a guided tour of their prestigious winery—exploring the lush vineyards, learning about the winemaking process, and witnessing the dedication and passion of producing their exceptional wines.

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