Services Taxonomy Terms

On site machining services include:

  • Flange facing up to 3 meters
  • Line boring
  • Drilling and Tapping
  • Stud Removal
  • Reaming
  • Metal Stitching using the Lock n Stitch method
  • Customized machining applications


At a time where managers and owner’s seek to minimize costs and equipment downtime, on site machining has become a popular alternative to conventional machining methods saving time and money eliminating difficult overhauls and logistics.

 With an extensive range of specialized on site machining equipment and qualified machinists INJEGOV S.A. performs every year specialized on site machining projects ranging from flange facing and boring to stud removal and grinding applications.

 Besides the extensive tooling available, INJEGOV S.A. has certified technicians for performing metal stitching on engine blocks, pump casings, compressors etc with the Lock n Stitch method with many class approved projects successfully completed.

 Whether restoring corroded mating surfaces, removing a stuck cylinder head stud, stitching an engine block or reaming intermediate shaft bolt housings, Injegov S.A. has the right equipment and know how

Our technicians and equipment can attend worldwide and have BOSIET Certification

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