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Bosch eXchange Value-based solutions

Value-based repairs are in higher demand than ever, and not only for older vehicles. With its comprehensive range of high-quality exchange products, vehicle repair has become a success factor.

by | Jul 15, 2022


Bosch eXchange

Remanufactured products  

Are you interested in value-based repairs?
Then the Bosch eXchange program is just right for you. With the extensive product range, you can find replacement parts for older engines without compromising quality.

Bosch Exchange is a new program that allows you to replace worn parts at the end of their service life. It provides a significant price advantage over new and used parts from other manufacturers and conserves resources and the environment.

It pays off to rely on Bosch eXchange.

Remanufacturing process

Diesel injection systems

Diesel Engine systems
Common rail injectors and high-pressure pumps
Unit injection systems
Distributor injection pumps
Nozzle holder assembly
Denoxtronic supply module
Energy Management

Remanufacturing process

Advantages at a glance

Responsibility and sustainability 

The reuse of products supports the sustainable use of natural resources. Due to value-based vehicle repairs with Bosch eXchange products and the associated return of old parts, workshops, together with Bosch, make an important contribution to the circular economy.

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