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New 1.000sqm building to Piraeus workshop

Feb 25, 2022News

To house our expanding spare parts stock and the continuous demand for our reconditioning services, we proceeded to a 1.000 sqm expansion of our workshop facilities near port Piraeus.

Facade of the new building from Injegov offices

The new building houses modern CNC machines, chrome plating, laser cladding machinery, along with our continuously growing inventory.

Inventory with new and reconditioned engine spare parts


One floor is dedicated to our spare parts inventory, which is properly equipped to immediately cover your requirement of both new and reconditioned spare parts for marine, oil & gas, and offshore engines.

Mar 28 2022

Injegov is now an active Shipserv supplier

We proudly announce that we are now an active Shipserv supplier with Trading number ID: 68001
Feb 25 2022

Injegov SA is 80% Solar Powered

The installation of photovoltaics (PV) on our rooftop adds to our low carbon initiative and helps us be more...
Apr 07 2021

Injegov at Posidoneia Exhibition 2018

Injegov SA participated in Posidoneia International Shipping Exhibition 2019 in order to showcase its advanced...