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Governors and actuators are critical parts of various power-generating and process equipment. Injegov is a governor-serving leader in the Eastern Mediterranean, supporting Woodward, Regulateurs Europa, Zexel, Yanmar, and Heinzmann governors and actuators.

Whether an overhaul, an exchange unit, parts, or advice is required, we are the right partner for you.

Maintenance and repair

Once we receive a governor in our premises following steps are taken:

  •  Governor is placed on the test bench and is given a test run on an “as-received” condition to identify any issues and record operating performance
  • Our experts dismantle the governor, clean the parts with an ultrasonic cleaner, and thoroughly inspect it.
  • Spare parts necessary for the completion of the overhaul are reported and quoted to our customer for information and approval
  •  Governor is assembled with new parts and repair kits from our vast stock and is re-coated in our dedicated coating station.
  • Reconditioned governor is placed on the test bench, adjusted according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and tested according to the testing protocol and checklist of the maker.
  • After completing testing, the governor is packed in a carton box and ready for dispatch.

Good to know:

  • Due to our expert staff, 5 test benches, and extensive parts stock at any given moment, we can offer the above service with a concise turnaround period for our customers
  • We are only using recycled materials for packaging, and the boxes we use are designed and built for repeated usage.

On-exchange basis service

Sometimes it is not easy to land the governor for an overhaul. Maybe there is not enough time or no qualified workshop at the port of call or simply an unexpected breakdown. In the above situations, a service exchange unit would be a perfect solution.

How it works:

  • You let us know the type and part number of the governor you need
  • We prepare a governor for you together with step by step instructions for setting up and commissioning the engine
  • Once the new governor arrives onboard, you send us the old governor back using the same packaging

Engine operators enjoy many benefits by using the exchange services. Those include minimum downtime of their equipment and predictability.

Good to know:

  • We currently stock more than 250 governors of all makes, and we can usually ship within 24 hours.
  • All governors are covered by a 1-year guarantee
  • Fleet agreements with volume discounts and improved terms are available


Retrofitting a governor is necessary when it becomes obsolete, and parts and components for its support are no longer available. Another reason is when a governor type is unreliable or extremely expensive to maintain, leading to downtime and very high lifetime costs.

Injegov can design and implement reliable, plug and play retrofit solutions to assist your operations and improve your bottom line.

Spare Parts

Our company carries a vast stock of parts, motors, and repair kits suitable for * Woodward, Regulateurs Europa, Zexel, Yanmar governors, and Heinzmann actuators. More than 95% of requests can be fulfilled from our stock and shipped on the same day.

Remote Support

More than 60% of governor issues account for misadjustments, and a visit on board would be an unnecessary expense. Our governor experts are available to support you over the phone, email, or video call. When an issue comes up, we will support you to resolve it with minimum cost and trouble. If a remote solution is not an option, we will help you establish the next steps.

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